Pag-ibig Rent to Own Houses in Cavite Philippines

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Pag-ibig Rent to Own Houses for Sale in Cavite Philippines

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Accessible Location

If you are looking for a house that is located 1 hour away from NAIA Airport thru Cavitex or Emilio Aguinaldo Highway or Molino Blvd, then browse over our list of Pag-ibig Houses and buying guide for references. The villages are always with nearby facilities and 24 hours public transportation seven days a week.
pag-ibig-rent-to-own-houses-cavitexPrime consideration in buying a house is the accessibility to your place of work and necessities. With the opening of Cavitex, travel time to Cavite from Manila is faster. Giving you ample time to relax and spend quality time bonding with your family at home.

Requirements Upon Reservation  For Locally Employed

  • 2 Valid Government ID
  • Payslip


  • Valid ID / Job Contract
  • Latest one (1) month payslip

For Self-Employed

  • Valid ID
  • Latest financial Statement

Pag ibig Loan Requirements  Personal Requirements

  • 4 pcs. 1 x 1 ID picture
  • Birth Certificate (if single)
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Death Certificate (if widow / widower)
  • Proof of Billing Address
  • Certificate of Tenancy
  • Valid ID of Landlord (if renting)
  • 2 Valid ID (Government issued)
  • Approved MSVS
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Valid ID of Atty-in-fact
  • Residence Certificate/ Cedula
  • Postdated Checks (DP & Amortization)

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